Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Tune & Mix - J2K

Do you have a gig to head out to this weekend? Do you also need some new fire to drop for the masses? How about a new mix for your listening pleasure to bump on the way to said gig as well. Well, fear not because the Kick It Blog has got your back.
 One of the original members of the Kick It family, J2K has been generating some serious buzz as of late. With multiple chart toppers under his belt and a steady stream of gigs around the country, things are just heating up for this Jacksonville native. Continuously pushing his sound in the Florida scene since 2000, his persistence is beginning to pay off. Establishing a strong following playing at top venues across the state such as Laundry Bar in Miami, Club Destiny in Orlando, The Blue Room in Jacksonville, Ultra & WMC and many more, his sound is reaching farther and farther every day. Nearing his twentieth release, J2K is back with another big edit for our faithful readers.
 Far Too Loud has long been one of the top names in Breakbeats and he continues to pound out banger after banger. One of his latest works, "Start the Party" is another example of why the name Far Too Loud is known far and wide. Massive in every way "Start the Party" has had it's bits rearranged by an artist or two already and J2K steps up this time turning out a wicked Re-Rub. An all new intro allows you to sneak those synths into the mix as they filter in along with the C&C vox. Making full use of FTL's monster bassline, it comes slamming in with authority getting the party started quickly. Maintaining most of the business end, J2K spices things up with some added samples, effects and edits making for a proper floor rocker.
 Keeping the Freebies coming, we also have J2K's 2011 WMC Promo Mix. Jam packed with more tasty morsels than a jar of Smuckers, J2K delivers the goods on the mixing end as well. Artists like BSD, FTL, Farace and Deenk make an appearance as well as a big forthcoming one from Kick It "Feel That Ammunition". Pop it in your player and rock the funky beats J2K stylee.

Far Too Loud - Start The Party (J2kRerub)Free Download! by J2k

J2K 2011 WMC Promo Mix

1. Far Too Loud "Banana Boy" Remedy Re-Rub
2. BSD "This Is It!"
3. Aggresivnes "Disposis" FactorFunk Remix
4. Mike Hulme "Set the Controls" Hedflux Mix
5. Farace "Move On" Deenk Remix
6. Farace "Feel That Ammunition"
Johnny Dangerously's Reloaded Mix
7. Columbo, Kultur "Muzik"
8. Quadrat Beat "Dance Floor Pressure" Bubu Remix
9. Elastic Fish "Dark Shade" Access Denied Remix
10. Quadrat Beat "Make U Dance" Kid Digital Remix
11. Aggresivnes "Hits 'n' Hits"
12. Free Fire "Dataloss" Darth n Vadar Remix (Rel 1 Re-Rub)
13. BSD "Joe Jacks"

WMC Promo Mix 2011 by J2k

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Far Too Loud
The Boomzers - Rowentah (Far Too Loud remix) by Far Too Loud

Far Too Loud - Start The Party [OUT NOW] by Far Too Loud

Far Too Loud on MySpace -

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