Monday, January 31, 2011

Free Mix - Beardyman LIVE on BBC Radio 1

Slightly beardy and mostly man, the one like Beardyman is one hell of an amazing performer! Beardyman began discovering the endless possibilities available to him by only using his mouth at the early age of only three years old after having seen Michael Winslow in the Police Academy Movies. Later on in his teen years, Beardyman saw Rahzel Live and it was then that he realized he could put together a whole show himself. After being the first person ever to win the UK Beatbox Championships back to back years (2006 & 2007), it is rumored that so many people would not compete against him in 2008, he was instead made a judge! Incorporating synths and Korg Kaos Pads, Beardyman now puts on a show like no other and he continues to amaze and astound crowds the world over with not only his exceptional musical and beatboxing skills but his overall personality and humor as well. Now having worked with many top names in and outside of Breaks and having toured with Groove Armada in 2007, performed at multiple YouTube Live events along with countless other appearances, and even having performed in Montreal at the "Just for Laughs" festival, he is continuing his rise to the top. On January 22nd of this year, Beardyman released his brand new BBC Radio Mix to the excitement of many fans. For two unbelievable hours, he constructs, re-constructs and de-structs a musical masterpiece using only a keyboard, samplers and his own voice. Vocally recreating classics like "Express Yourself" and Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That", his art needs to be seen to be believed, therefore I have also posted a couple of videos below. First up is about 5 minutes of video from this performance at the Radio 1 Studios, giving you an inside look at how it was all done. The second video is my personal favorite of his and really one of my favorite videos of all time, "Beardyman in the Kitchen" Donning a blonde wig and an apron Beardyman takes us into his kitchen and cooks up a fantastic Breakbeat with some simple household items like white noise. Head on over to Beardyman's website for loads more good stuff from the evil genius, just the "beard" animations at the top of the page ought to keep you entertained and chuckling for a few minutes. Make sure to check out his new album do out early this year as well.

1. - Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd
Street Rhythm Band "Express Yourself"
2. - Hall & Oates "I Can’t Go For That"
3. - Beardyman "You’re Not Part Of Me"
4. - A Tribe Called Quest "Can I Kick It"
5. - Saint Etienne "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
6. - Beardyman "All The Girls Be Touching My Ooh"
7. - Cee Lo Green "Forget You"
8. - Kings of Tomorrow "Finally"
9. - Beardyman "Cheese And Crackers"
10. - Tomcraft "Happiness"
11. - Beardyman "Unzip My Armpits"
12. - Daft Punk "Da Funk"
13. - Underworld "King Of Snake"
14. - Beardyman "Going Deep"
15. - Shakedown "At Night"
16. - Beardyman "I Don’t Know"
17. - Beardyman "Get Dutty"
18. - Leftfield "Phat Planet"
19. - Beardyman "I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend"
20. - Beardyman "Pyramid, Square, Rectangle, Yeah!"
21. - Beardyman "Glonk"
22. - Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Power Of Love"
23. - Beardyman "We Don’t Know Where We’re Going"
24. - The All Seeing I "The Beat Goes On"
25. - Beardyman "Back It Up"
26. - Beardyman "‘Av It"
27. - Beardyman "Not What You Planned For"
28. - Beardyman "Aahh"
29. - The Devlins "Crossing The River"
30. - Beardyman "Ready For The Burn"
31. - Leftfield "Release The Pressure"

Beardyman's Website -

Beadyman BBC Radio 1 Mix -
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