Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Mix and New Release - Hedflux - Revolve/Rhythm Prism

That's right boys and girls; Hedflux is back with another massive release and a stomping free mix for you to pump through your speakers. After topping charts with his premier release "Music is My Weapon", Steve Young AKA Hedflux has been relentlessly pushing the envelope when it comes to Breakbeats and Psy-Breaks in particular. Calling on his influences from Breaks to Techno and Psytrance, he masterfully crafts epic tunas fusing deep driving bass grooves, twisted glitchy noodles and resonant synth sorcery with more fury than a wizard casting spells. Following a string of successful releases on Sinister and Breakin Even Records, Hedflux joined Broken Robot Records in early 2009 and began rocking crowds far and wide at festivals such as Glade, Waveform, NewFoundLand and iBreaks, not to mention headlining club nights across the UK and Europe! Taking an increasingly refined and disciplined approach to his productions and DJ sets, he proves the point with today's free mix. Starting off on a techy and rolling groove with BSD's "Elektro Life" and then moving on to Psy bangers like Hedflux's brand new stormer "Rhythm Prism", this one is all business. Solid mixing and massive tracks straight through make for a highly enjoyable mix, finishing it off with the wobbly and driving smasher from Monk3ylogic "Basseffex", the Hedflux Remix.

Garnering early support from the likes of Dylan Rhymes, Meat Katie, and ATM, Hedflux's latest release aims to pick up where his previous left off!
 "And that's when revolution happens" says the sample in Revolve, just before the tune drops. Well, Hedflux might just be kick-starting his own revolution right now...
Remember when tunes had depth? Remember when there were tracks that didn't shoot their entire load after the first drop, but evolved, developed and crescendo'd over time? Hedflux is bringing that vibe back to breaks music, with an entirely fresh and forward-looking sound. His last single Mindcell topped download charts everywhere, hitting the coveted number 1 slot in Beatport's Breaks chart, and remaining in the top 10 for an incredible 10 weeks!
Now fans rejoice!...and everybody else listen up, because Hedflux is back again with two exclusive new tracks for Broken Robot, which pick up where Mindcell left off and raise the bar for quality even higher. Razor sharp beats and a fat, rolling bassline are the order of the day in Revolve. Acidic chirps and squawks are intricately woven around the beat, twisting and turning as the track progresses and builds. A short breakdown ensures, then the bassline shifts gears and we're off again until finally the main breakdown kicks in, featuring the vocal sample from which the track takes its name.
Rhythm Prism is an altogether more minimal affair, which wouldn't sound out of place in a techno set, but retains that inimitable Hedflux sound. There are no cheesy hooks, big obvious samples or hands-in-the-air build-ups here: just an expertly-crafted techy-groove which drives us relentlessly forward, while glitchy percussion and some awesome sonic acrobatics provide the interest. An incredibly useful DJ tool for those deeper sets!

Hedflux January 2011 Promo Mix

1. BSD "Elektro Life" (Mental Machine Musik)
2. Triple Agent "Explorer" Bad Tango remix (Logariddim)
3. Hedflux "Rhythm Prism" (Broken Robot)
4. Mike Hulme "Set the Controls" Hedflux Remix (U&A)
5. Neurodriver "Snake Charmer" LuQas Remix (Broken Robot)
6. Hedflux "Revolve" (Broken Robot)
7. Neurodriver "Battledroid" (Broken Robot)
8. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes "Rollplayer" Hedflux Remix (Lot49)
9. Big Mistake "Paradigma" Bad Tango Remix (Exogenic)
10. Monk3ylogic "Basseffex" Hedflux Remix (Liquid Records)

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