Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Free Release - Chemical Harmony & Ellissentials - No Pants Dance

Combining forces like superheros in a pinch to bring us a straight up Breakbeat banger, are the uniquely talented producers Chemical Harmony and Ellissentials! They go balls to the wall with their stunning epic "No Pants Dance" and with three remixes accompanying this fantastic tune, KIR376 is a must grab to start the year out proper!

A funk fueled mix-in set to the pace of solid grooving horns and a tightly knit broken drum beat, kicks things off just right! As vocal chops and extra layers of movement are added, "No Pants Dance" transforms listeners into its first rolling breakdown!

Heavily reverb saturated leads, intense bass stabs lush with sub pushing goodness and a myriad of monstrous textures make up the intoxicating meat of this powerful track!

A second breakdown that is chalk full of atmospherics, crisp sweeps and wonderful vocal samples builds perfectly to the long and engaging mix-out of "No Pants Dance", making it a six minute adventure that just can't be beat!

First up on remix duties is Martopeter with a heart-stopping, peak-time, Psy Breaks floor smasher! Driving dancers at the speed of light and not letting up one bit, Martopeter unleashes the full fury of rave nastiness taking no prisoners along the way!

Secondly the one like Sneaker & The Dryer delivers a rendition of "No Pants Dance" that almost defies classification! With themes ranging from Complextro leads, off kilter breakdowns, Breakbeat infused drops, and 4/4 sounds that are so large they boarder on the verge of Big Room, he nails this remix squarely on the head!

Last but certainly not least is Dwaine Whyte with a heavy and destructive Dubstep influenced Electro House mammoth that is the epitome of the term banger! Closing this release out splendidly, Dwaine Whyte implores listeners worldwide to do the "No Pants Dance"!

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