Monday, January 25, 2016

Chew - Become An Invester!!

Chew is a brand new streaming service allowing DJs to broadcast video worldwide and in high quality via the OBS software. I've been using it for a few weeks now myself and I'm loving not only the quality of Chew.TV but the community as well. Will Benton is a super hands on guy and everyone else involved that I have met has been awesome as well.

Currently Chew is doing a Crowd Funding Campaign and you could become part owner yourself! It's not open to those of us in the US but if you're in the UK or Europe, I'd get on it! Find out more below and if you're interested in getting started broadcasting on Chew.TV yourself, click right here - 
I highly recommenced it!


As far as we know there’s currently no single online community that brings the globally disparate community of passionate amateur DJs together, allowing this community to learn from each other, support one another, make a name for themselves or even discover the next big thing.

We’re changing that.

Chew is the DJs' live streaming community - think Twitch for DJs. Using Chew, bedroom DJs can share their mixes, while building and engaging a global fanbase. But they can also learn from the professionals who are using Chew to broadcast from studios, educational facilities and events across the world.

The bedroom DJs can hear and see how some of the biggest names in electronic music create their mixes. We also cater to the music fans; the fans who want to experience the mixes rather than create them. Every time a DJ streams live on Chew, the performance is recorded and archived so anyone can enjoy it at a later date - anywhere and at any time.

Chew is a community, it’s a platform, and it’s a music library.

Chew Crowdfunding Campaign -

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