Sunday, January 31, 2016

Free Track - Busta Rhymes - Touch It - Magic & Johnson Remix

Dropping a slamming remix of "Touch It" by the one and only Busta Rhymes on us today is the Canadian duo Magic & Johnson! They unleash over four minutes of hard dance action with 4/4 grooves, and down low, bass rumbling goodness!

A solid mix-in, complete with an intense 8 bar build, body jacking rhythms, and wonderful atmospherics leads us with ease to the only breakdown of "Touch It"!

Utilizing the slower tempo, and sub pounding bass that make "Touch It" so powerful, Magic & Johnson give listeners what they want by delivering a breakdown that is almost strictly the original track, providing a break from the norm!

With a mix-out that is long a perfect for mixing, "Touch It" is a must have for your end of the week collection!        

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

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