Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Free Track - Sagat - Funk Dat - Rhythm Scholar RawFunk Remix

Rhythm Scholar has just released an awesome and funk driven remix of the House classic "Funk Dat" by Sagat! With an Explicit Version, a Clean Version, and two different Dub Versions, and with a playtime of over 6 minutes, this is a must have release to get you through the midweek hump!

Here is a little bit about this fantastic package of tunes -   

""Question..? Why is it..?" Journey back to 1993 as Rhythm Scholar takes on this Sagat classic. 90's Deep House sensibility is combined with modern production to create a mix that's a little old, a little new, but 100% funky!" 

Download all 4 versions of this track by visiting the LINK below!

Full Release Download Link -

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  1. Thank You for the support! :D
    - Rhythm Scholar