Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Free Track - COPYCATT - Satire

Coming at us tonight from the Australian producer COPYCATT is a gnarly Glitch Hop banger titled "Satire"! With unique and chilling sounds, rich and moving textures, and an overall playtime of five minutes, this is a spectacular track that you must have today!

An intense mix-in, lush with crisp drums, heavy leads, and powerful bass stabs, moves to the cerebral first breakdown of "Satire" with ease! As we are thrown right back into peak-time nastiness, it is clear that this track has what it takes to make the dance-floor go mad!

With a second longer breakdown, and a mix-out that is perfectly timed, "Satire" is a certified speaker shredder!   

COPYCATT on Facebook - facebook.com/itscopycatt

COPYCATT on Bandcamp - copycatt.bandcamp.com

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