Monday, September 10, 2012

New Release - KIR283 - Original Primate - Loaded Gun - Remixes from Breaking News and Fisso & Spark

Kick It is back with another explosive release coming from Original Primate entitled “Loaded Gun” which features slick vox, heavy bass and crisp drums. Sexy synths and a top notch main breakdown make this a must have!

Breaking News are up first on remix duties and they take things in a bit more of a Nu Skool direction while maintaining the overall vibe of the original. Tough low ends, futuristic edits and the leads from the original will have everybody in the place moving and shaking.

The ones like Fisso & Spark are back at it to round things out and they lay things back a bit and bring in the funk with super chunky drums and amazing production, so good!!

Support From

Marcus Gauntlett - "Cool tune with some nice mixes but really feeling the original. Full support ;-)"

Wavewhore - "Nice release... prefer the remixes here."

Sketi - "Cool release. Breaking News Remix for me."

Johnny Dangerously - "Great tune.  Breaking News hits home on this one form me, although Fisso & Spark give it that epic go at it to drive that festival feel.  Well done."

Flatland Funk - "Massive Track! Definitely going to feel like a loaded gun when this track drops on a proper system. Full Support!"

Botbass - "This releases is freaking hot, I love the Breaking News remix. Kick it is killing again!"

Dr. Fish - "Thanks very much for this guys!  Great tracks.  My favourite is the Fisso & Spark Remix.  Will be supporting this one for sure!"

Pale Penguin - "FISSO & SPARK remix is epic! One of their best works to date...will support and play for sure!"

Llupa - "Wicked original - that groove is so deep and solid - must hear it on a big system! Both remixes are solid, but it's all about the original!"

Dad's Disco - "Top release as always!"

Bass Reflections - "Solid as always!  Great remixes but I think the original is more my style... huge bass sick drums... all mixes will receive play from us!"

The Beatyard Blog - "Great all round release! Breaking News the pick for me though, love that chunky sound!"

Pete Rosewarne - "In love with Breaking News' Remix, huge support!"

   KIR283 - Original Primate - Loaded Gun w/ Remixes by Fisso & Spark and Breaking News OUT 09/10/2012 by Kick It Recordings

Original Primate "Loaded Gun" on Juno - Loaded Gun

Original Primate "Loaded Gun" on Track It Down - Loaded Gun

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