Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Track - House of Pain Vs Feed Me - Jump Around The Pink Lady - Chamber Vs Apesh!t Mashup

Today we have another bangin mashup from Chamber and Apesh!t, this time around they hit us with a powerful mix of Feed Me's "Pink Lady" and House of Pain's "Jump Around"!!!

The massive Glitch Hop tune is a perfect grab for any up coming shows, mixes, or anything where you need peoples feet moving!

A hilarious intro blends right into a short and sweet mix in, after the first 8 bars Chamber and Apesh!t already have things grooving as vocals, high hats, synth stabs, and some big kicks come in to push you into a driving first breakdown!

As the familiar bassline from "Pink Lady" slams in, your hooked, and nothing is going to take your attention away from  this fantastic mashup as your thrown head first into the madness!

With all the great vocals from House of Pain and the sheer madness of Feed Me, "Jump Around The Pink Lady" is a wonderfully produced tune!

Be very sure to check out Chambers soundcloud for many more freebies and amazing mashups, you don't want to be the only person without these powerful tunes!!!

   House of Pain Vs Feed Me - Jump Around The P!nk Lady (Chamber V Apesh!t Mashup) [FREE DOWNLOAD LINK] by DJ Chamber

Download Link - facebook.com/DJChamber/app_4949752878

Apesh!t on Facebook - facebook.com/ApeshitOfficial

Chamber on Facebook - facebook.com/DJChamber

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