Monday, September 17, 2012

Free Track - D Funk & Some DJ - Phantom Can't Dance

Today we have an extremely funky free tune from London's own, Some DJ and D - Funk!!!  This groovy Breaks tune is a splendid way to start off a beautiful week correctly and with style!

The business kicks it off with a slow Breakbeat, stabs that sound like they are from Daft Punk, and some oldschool vocals that will make you feel right at home with this track!

The first breakdown is nice a quick as Some DJ brings you right to the meat of the track, which is pumped full of vocals with an amazing and unique vibe to them.

Funky, nasty, and driving basslines are the name of the game on the always changing "Phantom Can't Dance". With movement all over this tune and fantastic production , I'm sure that this track will get a massive response from any crowd this is dropped on!!!

   'Phantom Can't Dance' D-Funk & Some DJ 320 by Some DJ

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