Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Tune - Krafty Kuts Vs Calvin Harris "80's Groove"

We're wrapping up another exciting week on the blog and what better way to do it then with a big fat free tuna!! I've always been a big fan of the Calvin Harris "In the 80's" tune, it's a personal favorite of mine and I'm always keen to slip it in a set when the time is right. The name Krafty Kuts is synonymous with Breakbeats and he steps up to drop a massive rework on the classic. Krafty starts things off with a funky break as to be expected and only gives just a taste of what's to come. Layered over another track on the mix in, only a keen ear is going to pick up the sample. Krafty then drops it like it's hot and brings things way down before then filtering in the signature riff and now you know where you are, right in back in the 80's!(I'm sure the attire of today's youth reminded you of that fact anyway) Krafty keeps things interesting by switching up the synths mid way through before bringing it all back around again to close it out. If you're down with the funk, get downloading this one and see you next week!

Krafty Kuts vs Calvin Harris - 80's Groove by Kraftykuts

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Krafty Kuts Vs Calvin Harris - "80's Groove" -

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