Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free Tune - Giggs & Mike Sinner " Slow Song" Marco Del Horno Dubstep Remix (Dustin Hulton Breaks Edit)

Ah another Sunday is here and it's time to kiss August goodbye and almost another summer as well. Soon enough the parties will all be coming back indoors and people will be freezing their tits off while having a smoke! Today we've got a great Sunday tuna lined up. Dustin Hulton has put together some banging edits in the past, a couple of which we've had on the blog. Today he's taking on Giggs & Mike Sinner's "Slow Song" the Marco Del Horno Dubstep Remix. I'm really liking the way this one came out as it's now nestled somewhere in-between Breaks and Dubstep never quite deciding where it wants to be. The drums have a Jungle feel to them that fits the tune and vocals well and the 808 style bassline keeps the old school feel. The vocals aren't over done or overpowering and compliment the groove perfectly with the chopped female vox layered in the back. If you've got any festie gigs left this one is gonna perfect. I also included a video with the original below, I'm not sure if it's the official but it's funny as hell so if you're in the mood for a laugh, have yourself a gander.

Giggs and Mike Skinner - Slow Song - Marco Del Horno Dubstep remix (Dustin Hulton Breaks Edit) by Dustin Hulton

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