Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Tune - Kiwa Vs Pink Floyd "Another Brick in The Wall Part 2" Kiwa Remix

Alrighty, so this one has been floating around for a minute but I thought I'd post it up in case you guys missed out on it. Pink Floyd is by far my all time favorite band and I have a serious collection of their work including the boxed set and 3 movies. There music is just flat-out amazing and no one else is ever going to be able to surpass them for me I don't believe! That being said, when someone lays down some slick EDM beats to some Floyd, I'm usually all over it. As is the case with Kiwa's remix of "Another Brick in The Wall Part 2". Kiwa are from Finland and they have been doing there thing since 1995. Originally they started out as a psychedelic Trance project and they have incorporated many styles of dance music into their sound over the years but in 2009 they decided to focus on Breaks. The Kiwa boys have three full length albums out to date as well as releases on High Grade, Exogenic and Surreal Audio. I've dropped this one a few times in my live sets and during my radio shows on NSB Radio to the delight of many. I'm not the only one for an appetite for some reworked Pink Floyd! If you know your Floyd, you now this one right from the first guitar note. Kiwa lace up some chunky broken beats with a 4/4 feel to them. Two and half minutes in, they switch things up bringing a bit of Dubstep feel to the table for a brief moment and then picking it right back up and when everything drops back in, the energy is real nice. This one outta have some kids singing along for sure.

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Kiwa remix) ☆ Free Download 320k by Kiwa

Kiwa on Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/kiwa/tracks

Kiwa on Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/kiwamusic

Kiwa Vs Pink Floyd "Another Brick in The Wall Part 2" Kiwa Remix - http://soundcloud.com/kiwa/pink-floyd-the-wall-kiwa-remix/download

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