Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Free Track - Kitten and The Hip - The Rain - Knightfreak Remix

Dropping a stunning D&B remix, of the fantastic track "The Rain" by the powerhouse duo known as Kitten & The Hip on us tonight, is the UK based artist Knightfreak! At just over 4 minutes long, and jam packed with peak-time energy and nonstop action, this is a must have track for this weeks collection!!!

A pad driven intro quickly leads to the long and luxurious mix-in of "The Rain"! As Knightfreak turns up the heat with a myriad of textures, and the fantastic vocals of the original, we are smoothly transitioned to the gnarly and captivating meat of this fantastic track!  

With one massive breakdown, and a solid mix-out, "The Rain" is a perfect track for dancing the night away with, or just listening to as the sounds of euphoria take you away! 

Knightfreak on Facebook - facebook.com/KnightFreak

Kitten & The Hip on Facebook - facebook.com/Kitten-and-The-Hip

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