Friday, February 5, 2016

Free Album - MRJ - Past n Future LP

Just in time for those upcoming weekend gigs is a solid 8 track album from the Polish producer MRJ! He delivers a massive amount of quality, dance fueled groovers, that will have everyone moving on that floor, to the sounds of "Past n Future"!

Kicking things off proper is the House body rocker "90s Vibe", with heavy vocals and bouncing bass hits, MRJ sets the pace just right! Next are the sweet Garage influenced chuggers, "Bang" and "Guess This", two wonderful tunes that build up to the gnarlier sounds of "Pump"!

For tracks 5 and 6 is another pair of tunes that are rich in vocals and atmospherics, "Robin" is a straight 4/4 House song, and "Shy" is a little more energy packed, with deep swelling bass-lines!

"So Crazy" with it's heads-down vibes, and lengthy bouts of sub pounding goodness is a more than proper introduction to the last track of this fantastic album! With a quick mix-in, and a short breakdown, "Victim" is a non-stop mover that ends this journey with a great philosophy in mind, full and dynamic, drum driven, bass saturated, dance music for all to enjoy!     

Download all these excellent tracks directly from Soundcloud! (No third party sites needed!)

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