Sunday, February 21, 2016

Free EP - Ryons - Sky Is The Limit EP

Finishing off the week in the most proper of ways today is the Japanese producer Ryons with a massive three track, D&B EP, titled "Sky Is The Limit"! He unleashes heavy amounts of bass and feel-good vibes with this ultimate D&B package!

Starting off strong with the title track "Sky Is The Limit", we are immediately thrown right into peak-time D&B goodness! Ryons utilizes a long, pad driven mix-in to bring us to the first and only atmospherically charged breakdown!

With a lengthy mix-out, this is a more than perfect way to kick this EP off right!

Second up is the vocal swelling banger "Reflection"! With sweet and downplayed vocals, gigantic soundscapes, beautiful piano riffs, and sub action that will have you gasping for that next breath, this is one track that will have you flying by the seat of your pants!

With only one short breakdown, and a wonderfully timed mix-in, "Reflections" is a non stop, meat filled, club slammer, that really kicks things up a notch!

Last but certainly not least is the balls-to-the-wall, D&B driver known as "CSRF"! Keeping the theme of it's predecessors, containing only one short yet memorable breakdown, Ryons unleashes all he has on this one, delivering gnarly dance madness in spades!

"CSRF" brings an end to this fantastic EP with style and energy, pulling no punches with a more than DJ friendly mix-out! Ryons shows his variety and ability to give listeners and DJs a like exactly what they want!!!    

Download the EP in it's entirety for free today by visiting the LINK below!!!


Ryons "Sky Is The Limit EP"

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