Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Release KIR360 - Modulizer - Bassline Generator - Remixes by Beatz Projekted, The Element and Deformaty

KIR360 is an Electro fueled monster from the talented Italian producer known as Modulizer who delivers a Rock & Roll driven, club banger with "Bassline Generator"!

Starting off with a misleadingly small amount of varied sounds, Modulizer smoothly and surreptitiously introduces a myriad of dirty bass stabs, rolling arpeggiators, delayed vocal chops, airy sweeps, and a 4/4 beat that just doesn’t quit! All of this brings listeners to the first breakdown of "Bassline Generator"!

Throwing listeners into a wonderfully constructed atmosphere with the distant noise of a far off crowd, Modulizer builds tension perfectly by introducing sharp guitar chords, crisp risers and an array of vocal samples, that all combine in unity pushing us to a large bass driven drop!

The bulk of "Bassline Generator" is full and warm with the pulsating grind of bouncing basslines and laser saturated leads complimented by vocal bits floating in the background. Modulizer sends listeners into the second breakdown that hits us with more killer guitar riffs, kicking things up a notch before sending us out with a long and luxurious mix-out!

First up on remix duties is the musical powerhouse Beatz Projekted and he brings us a beautiful rendition of "Bassline Generator", hitting us with gnarly Complextro-esque bass stabs that are haunting and intriguing along with breakdowns complimented by soulful vocals that push this remix into the peak time category!

Second up is none other than The Element with a heads down, feet on fire, Electro House remix that will have crowds going wild over the dirty pitch bending of guitars and leads as a devastating side-chained bassline will have most people begging for it to be replayed over and over again!

Last and certainly not least is the Washington based workhorse Deformaty and he brings it home with a totally and completely BALLS TO THE WALL Electro Bounce remix of "Bassline Generator"! It's quite hard to explain how gnarly and intense this remix is, so it's best to listen to it for yourself!

Be sure to pick up this amazing release from Kick It Recordings for yourselves! With 4 peak-time tracks, you can't go wrong!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 01-05-2015

Support From

The Crystal Method - "Slammin' Tunes!"

Far Too Loud - "Nice on Fausto!!"

Kickflip - "Tidy remix from Beatz Projekted!"

Dwaine Whyte - "Awesome release!"

Isaias Gil Marin - "Fuckin sick! Sounding as FAR TOO LOUD in his old oldskool days!"

Bass Reflections - "BIG SICK BEATS! Love this as always!"

Reality Randy - "Love it!"

Bootz Saint - "Bangin Kickin and downright filthy electro goodness. EARGASMS +++++++!!!!!! Huge upz to Modulizer, Well produced. Re mixers all with a different twist Respect."

Active Gear - "Yeah nasty track this one...all over it !!!"

Bad Surfer - "Damn good Beatz Pro!"

Blacklist - "Deformaty Remix with the NARLsty Mc Sickness! Definitely going into my crate!


Modulizer on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/modulizer

Beatz Projekted on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/beatz-projekted

The Element on Soundcloud -  soundcloud.com/theelementuk

Deformaty on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/dj-deformaty

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