Monday, December 1, 2014

Free Track - Freestylers - Painkiller - Dwaine Whyte Remix

Dwaine Whyte brings the D&B hammer down, smashing the club floor with a tremendous remix of Freestylers' "Painkiller", tearing off the roof with a balls to the wall peak-time banger!!!

Starting things off mean Dwaine Whyte unleashes killer vocals, gnarly leads, and airy sweeps behind a deep and low half-time mix-in, building up to a quick vocal fueled breakdown that's super catchy and upbeat as he sends us barreling into the meat of "Painkiller"!!!

With the grind and pull of intense bass, drums that rip at your soul, and heavy atmospherics Dwaine Whyte leaves nothing to chance as he delivers in full, a certified smasher!!! Bringing things together with a synth lead second breakdown, and a mix out that goes on for days, "Painkiller" is a perfect D&B tuna to add to your collection this week!!! 

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