Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Track - Chris Lawyer ft. Cali Stylz - Go Gurl - Beatz Projekted Remix

You can't kick off the week better than this, because Beatz Projekted has just released a chugging Tech House groover that could certainly slip into some peak-time sessions without a hiccup! His remix of Chris Lawyer and Cali Stylz' "Go Gurl", can literally be played in any set, the flowing bounce is perfectly complemented by large bass and beautiful production!

With airy crowd noise, deep and dark percussion, strange stabs, and building sweeps, Beatz Projekted gets right down to business, pushing us into a hard 4/4 mix-in that is so chalked full of energy that you have to experience it to believe it!

Before heading into a short lived first breakdown Beatz Projekted slaps us with the catchy and vocal thrum that drives"Go Gurl", as lyrics are almost chanting for people to move their feet! Lead by vocal stabs and huge snare rolls that build up to the meaty goodness, we are given little time to rest as the large beat compels dancers to jack their body's!!!

A myriad of textures and sound-scapes are fused together within "Go Gurl", the drive of sub bass, and the thump and shine of kicks set a non-stop pace, and with the second breakdown as quick as the first, Beatz Projekted makes his intentions clear...unleashing a powerful unrelenting assault of dance flavor!!!      

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