Monday, December 1, 2014

Free Release - KIR358 Retchid - Love Affair

For KIR358, we went a bit of a different route. Not only is this release available on all the digital sites for purchase but we are also giving it out for FREE!

Retchid drops a funk filled, vocal fueled and dark House groover with his newest track “Love Affair” and you can get your hands on it below! Hitting us with modern sounds and old school vibes, Retchid takes us away to a beautiful dance soundscape that never ends in this over 6 minute long epic!!

Kicking things off heavy and atmospheric, Retchid hits us with a very minimal intro before heading into the hard meat that’s held within “Love Affair”. Utilizing vocals and quick bass stabs to drive listeners through the first minute with ease, he quickly adds large drums and upbeat percussive sounds that push us to the first synth infused breakdown!!

Building up nicely to long bouts of bass bumping action, Retchid never leaves dancers hanging on and gives us a second breakdown that is chalk full of movement and energy! This guy definitely knows how to get a crowd moving and he delivers with a straight up House Roller that we can all be proud to play!!

Now Available on All Digital Sites & Free Download

Support From

The Element - "Amazing vocal track!"

Wavewhore - "Def feeling this… great groove and vibe!!"

Sychosis - "Great old school Progressive House vibes inside this one, solid bassline and clean production."

Don Marco - "Great composition, I love the atmosphere!"

Dwaine Whyte - "Very professional and full sounding tune, nice punchy bass. Vocals are killer!! Defo inspired to make some Prog house myself :)"

Tom Clyde - "Great vocal here! Dig this progressive mood in tune"

DJ Asyk - "Not usually into vocal tracks but there's something real engaging with this track, can't stop listening to it.. top marks!!"

Bad Surfer - "Damn good!"

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