Monday, March 28, 2011

Free Tune - Pecoe - Rock The Insight

We've got a fantastic little mash-up available today. Pecoe out of Perth Australia is the man behind the Breakzlinkz blog and he's also putting together some tasty little treats you can download on his Soundcloud page. "Rock The Insight" is a combination of Moby's "Porcelain", "Rock The House" by Tom Drummond & Philly Blunt" and Fort Knox Five's "Insight" the A. Skillz Remix. Starting off with bits from "Porcelain", a phat and chunky break quickly finds itself riding over the top. The first breakdown is short and sweet and then it's back to Funkytown with a nice blend of the three making for a mellow yet energetic piece. Slap bass and "Come on Down" vocals bring the funk straight through to the final breakdown with a burst of horns to spice things up. Check out the originals below and grab a bunch of free stuff off the Breakzlinkz Soundcloud page and make sure to head over to the Breakzlinkz Blog for heapings of good stuff.

Pecoe - Rock The Insight by breakzlinkz

Tom Drummond & Philly Blunt "Rock The House" -

Fort Knox Five "Insight" A. Skillz Remix -

Breakzlinkz Blog -

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