Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Mix & Forthcoming Release - Neurodriver

With Broken Robot Records currently nominated for "Best New Label" and "Best Label" at tonight's Breakspoll Awards, you know they are doing things right! Label boss and former Far Too Loud-er Dom Smart aka Neurodriver is back with two new exclusive dancefloor destroyers. Both tracks were originally crafted for the late-night hours of the epic Burning Man festival, and have since been extensively road-tested, doing damage wherever they are played.
As the name suggests, "Battledroid" is a heavy-duty, mechanoid juggernaut of a tune, with relentlessly thumping drums and an industrial-strength bassline, interwoven with trademark acidic bleeps and wicked tweaks. Not for the faint-hearted!
"Trompeta" represents a departure from Neurodriver's usual techy-breaks output, and marks his first foray into the dark and murky world of techno, albeit with his trademark hard-hitting production and tangy acidic edge. The track is an epic journey through swirling soundscapes, which gradually builds tension until eventually reaching a frenetic climax, check them both out below.
 Packed full of Techy goodness, Neurodriver's Tech-Heavy Spring Mix is a great one to roll the windows down to and get the spirit of spring running through your veins. With artists like Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes, Lee Coombs and Neurodriver himself on tap, you know this one is packed full of slick stormers.

Neurodriver Tech-Heavy Spring Mix

1. - Ace Ventura "Rebirth"
2. - Neurodriver "The Depths"
3. -  Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes "Roll Player" (Hedflux Remix)
4. - NHB "Going Down"
5. - Neurodriver & Atomic Drop "Untitled"
6. - Neelix & Potter "Lewd Behaviour"
7. - Lee Coombs "Light & Dark" (Neurodriver Remix)
8. - Neurodriver "Trompeta"
9. - Neurodriver Ft. Messy MC "In The Shadows"
10. - Neurodriver "Battledroid"
11. - Andrey Mute & Jellyfish "Bora Bora"
(Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)

Neurodriver's Tech-Heavy Spring Mix by BrokenRobot
Battledroid by Neurodriver by BrokenRobot
Trompeta by Neurodriver by BrokenRobot

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