Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Free Track - Lorenzo, Ko Kane & Zanetti - Darlin - Iva Re-Twist

Tonight the one like Iva hits us with a funky Breakbeat infused Garage remix of "Darlin" by Lorenzo, Kane, and Zanetti! Taking listeners on an over 4 minute, bass driving journey, through the clean sounds and textures of this good-vibe Summer groover!

A short unique mix-in leads to a quick vocal breakdown that builds and swells alongside fantastic synth-work to bring us to a deep and completely atmospheric drop, as Iva unleashes hit after hit of pure dance flavor we are taken to another world known only by "Darlin"

With a longer and more intense second breakdown, and a mix-out that goes on for days, Iva makes his remix of "Darlin" a proper, late-night, off-kilter, floor mover!    

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