Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - The Vault

As of late, Dwaine Whyte has been kicking ass and taking names, releasing free bangers left and right with clean production and heavy club vibes! To get us through the mid week hump he has just put out a sweet Melbourne Bounce rocker titled "The Vault", unleashing a storm of dance nastiness for all to enjoy!

A quick and complex mix-in starts the action off perfectly as pitch-bent leads and side-chained bass push listeners into a short yet intense build-up as we are hit dead in the chest with the sub pounding meat of "The Vault"!

If the driving thumps of a 4/4 beat are too much for you then you are in luck! In the second atmospherically charged breakdown Dwaine Whyte drops us into pure halftime goodness right before we are sent away with a lengthy mix-out, making "The Vault" a must have for this upcoming weekend! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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