Monday, August 25, 2014

New Release - KIR350 Eidly - Crash Your Brain

For KIR350, Eidly goes for broke with his triplet infused Electro House shuffler “Crash Your Brain”! Straying away from the grind of most tunes, Eidly trades the entire norm for atmospheric leads and pounding drums that will have dancers marching to the beat of this powerfully pristine track!!!

Getting right down to business, Eidly utilizes pitch bent stabs, rolling snares, pushing kicks, and massive soundscapes and sweeps to lure listeners into the first breakdown of “Crash Your Brain” which builds up to a crescendo of sound before heading into the meat of this hollow monster!

The driving force behind this large track is the deep sub that fluctuates between cracking snares and flowing kicks, perfectly playing on the standard triplet Electro House sound while still giving us beautiful melodies and unique timings making “Crash Your Brain” an accomplishment of wide breakdowns and hard hitting peaktime action!!!

“Crash Your Brain” comes with one hell of a remix from Retchid who kicks things up a notch by placing huge 808s behind devastatingly gnarly drums and funky percussion! He blends in and out of breakdowns saturated with reverb and bent leads with ease making this a powerful and captivating release!!!

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All Other Sites 09-08-2014

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Retchid - "Great release! Kick It!"

Bootz Saint - "Amazing stuff"

Vlad Nechaev - "Cool"

Botbass - "Just Awesome!"

MBFB - "Full support, amazing remix!"

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