Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Release - KIR349 - Superwow - Elevate

Superwow! unleashes a killer combo of hard Electro synths, flowing Progressive rhythms, and upbeat breakdowns with his unique party anthem “Elevate”. A lengthy journey set to the pace of a myriad of synths, leads, stabs, and sub pounding bass action!!!

Giving DJ’s just what they want, Superwow! delivers a beautiful and full mix-in before heading into a short lived buildup, thrusting dancers into an all out frenzy of grinding leads and large drums as he takes us to the first epic breakdown!

Dropping atmospheric Trance synths over airy sweeps and drum rolls, pushing “Elevate” to a crescendo of gnarliness as he throws us once again into triplet timed, Progressive fueled, Electro goodness, making sore feet blister from hard grooves and relentless energy!!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 08-25-2014

Support From

Wavewhore - "Sounds big!"

Audio:Hertz - "Such a great flow on this release from Superwow! Full support!"

Joe C - "Solid electro sound on this record. The synths are super fat!"

Don Marco - "Very unique drop and interesting arrangement!"


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