Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Free Track - Chuck Inglish Ft. Chromeo - Legs - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

Sneaker & The Dryer is at it again!!! This time he sets his sights on remixing Chuck Inglish's and Chromeo's "Legs", transforming sounds and textures like a madman, he brings us a unique and nasty dance floor banger that still has a bit of funk and flavor to it!!!

Starting off with a groovy 4/4 beat, complete with bouncing percussion and flowing horn stabs, S&D quickly heads into the first breakdown of "Legs", building Trance synths, vocal chops, smooth horns, and wide sweeps to an all out gnarly drop, giving us more grind and punch than we can handle!!!

 The meat of "Legs" speaks for itself, hard leads, reverb saturated synth stabs, out of this world lasers, and pumping sub driven bass, all composed with diligence and precision as Sneaker & The Dryer makes this remix almost like a full on original!!!    

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