Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free Tune + Free Mix - Atomic Hooligan

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far and enjoying the holidays. The lady and I are looking forward to trimming our tree tonight and we picked it up last night at the same place my family has been going to for over 20 years! Today is like an early mini Christmas with a sleigh full of stuff in the bag via that festive duo from Watford, Atomic Hooligan. With two acclaimed albums on Botchit & Scarper under their belts, Atomic Hooligan are well established as dance music trend setters and innovators of bass. Atomic Hooligan have graced the front covers of DJ and IDJ magazines, performed LIVE @ Fabric with their 9 piece band and officially remixed Underworld. Not to mention that Terry's energetic Dj sets, truly prove that Bass music is a winning formula! Returning to Functional with "Is It Real", a cheeky and infectious chunked up odyssey complete with one of the gnarliest bass lines you'll hear this side of the pond. Proper groove breaks and Parliament styled vocals are 100% guaranteed to inject peak time funk into dancefloors far and wide! If you don't believe it, you can "get the funk out my face".
 Funkatech's finest purveyors of smashing up the dancefloor at any cost, the ones like Pyramid take the remix bull by the horns and deliver one almighty stadium sized bass whumping re-lick (Featured in the FREE mix below). With a climactic intro guaranteed to get the crowd into a frenzy, they soon drop into half speed Dubstep, a pneumatic synth lead and menacing subs. But whoa there! Watch the drop! The sparse beats, soon make way for a climactic build into tear out bad boy D'N' B styled breaks taking absolutely no prisoners. You have been warned!
 KouncilHouse (Nominated best breakthrough producer at the International Breakbeat Awards / Best Producer @ 2010 Nu Rave awards) has produced with Micky Finn, D'Cruze (Suburban Bass), Leeroy Thornhill, (Ex Prodigy) and Brian Douglas (Future Sound of London) and has remixed for the likes of The Freestylers & Pendulum, Smart Systems, Stakker Humanoid, Atomic Hooligan and the Dub Pistols. KouncilHouse brings forth a romping and stomping 4/4 behemoth bass line funking monster to complete the package.

Atomic Hooligan 'Is It Real' [FB062] by Functional Records

Starting off the freebies we have Atomic Hooligan's "Scramble the Egg" (Also featured in the FREE mix below). Putting a Dubstep twist on the classic track, AH give a fresh and tough feel to a well known tune. Dirty bass fills out the main bits while the first breakdown reminds you where you are with parts of the original synth line coming through. The main break hits you with the guitars first quickly slamming back in business stylee with the ridiculous bass.

Atomic Hooligan - Scramble the Egg by bassmusic
Next up we have got the new Autumn mix from the AH boys which is packed full of unreleased material from the mighty "Bass=Win". Kicking things off with the grooving and wobbly vocal stomper "Clubbin" from Snide and moving on to other big forthcoming bangers like "The Power" from Aniki with big time vox sample and heavy driving low ends. Rounding it out is the Pyramid remix of "Is It Real". Just thirty-six minutes long, Atomic Hooligan pound through eleven tunes in that short period of time keeping your ears and your mind working.

Atomic Hooligan Autumn Mix Tracklist

1. - Snide "Clubbin" (Bass=Win)
2. - The Roto Mafia "Gangsters & Bullet"
3. - Aniki "The Power" (Bass=Win)
4. - Snide "Cot Damn" (Bass=Win)
5. - Atomic Hooligan "Grizzle"
6. - Unknown "Hi Tops" Cruz Jones Remix
7. - Sangers "Nasty Girls" Marten Horger Remix
8. - Virus Syndicate "Bust The One"
9. - Filthy Rehab "Nesquick" Atomic Hooligan Remix (Bass=Win)
10. - Atomic Hooligan "Scramble the Egg"
11. - Atomic Hooligan "Is It Real" Pyramid Remix

Atomic Hooligan Autumn 2010 by The Kick It Blog

And just to sweeten the pot, we've also got a couple of videos for your viewing enjoyment as well. Merry X-mas ;)

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