Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free Mix and Videos - BSD - Malditos Bass-Star-Dos

Wow, when you talk about a total takeover on the Beatport Breakbeat charts, BSD have certainly done that. Currently they hold numbers 3,4,5,6,7,09,10,13 and 15 through 23. Holy shit is that some serious business or what! Not to mention  their recent release with kickass counterparts Access Denied "Ultimate", held the number one spot for three weeks or so. A decade of hard work has brought the masked duo behind BSD to the forefront of the Breakbeat scene and beyond. The enigmatic caped crusaders won "Best Breakthrough Producer" at last year's Breakspoll Awards and they are just getting started. In just a short period of time they have established themselves as key players and their debut album is already propelling them to bigger and better things! With support from artists like Mr. No Hands, Laurent Garnier and Meat Katie just to name a few, these guys are pretty much going to be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the future. Formed in 1998 by two French lovers of electronic music, alternative trends and Indie music. Without resources and virtually no experience producing dance music, the duo had to wait almost ten years after originally conceiving BSD for things to finally take off. During those ten years BSD were flirting with Hip-Hop, Funk, New Wave, Nu Disco, Electro, Breaks and much more. From the outset BSD were clear on what they wanted to achieve - Giving the public what they want while incorporating their musical influences, staying true to themselves and by not trying to mimic or copy other artists. Following this creed, the duo have created a unique style and sound unlike anything else coming out in the land of Breaks. In celebration of the EP release, BSD have provided us with a new mix replete with mighty monsters to titillate your speakers and your ears.
 "Malditos Bass-Star-Dos! is the work of several months in which we have tried to capture our open minds and our obsession with music. We have created 10 new tracks, which will be accompanied by another 8 tunes published under iBreaks Records label, forming a compilation mainly of Breakbeat but will incorporate other musical genres. In this album you will find tracks clearly influenced by early Electro ("EBM", "Elektro-Life");Tech-Funk ("Joe Jacks”, "Overestimate", "Hard 'n' Bass", etc.); Oldskool ("Total Cucumber) as well as tracks inspired by Bassline and Nu Skool Breaks ("Everybody Scream", "This Is It!", "You Must Find Strength"). In addition, we wanted to honor one of our sources of inspiration, "Party Groove", a production subtitled "Breaks Phenomenon" honoring the Nu Skool Breaks classic "TSUNAMI ONE & BT : Hip Hop Phenomenon [Marine Parade] 1999."You will also find on "Malditos Bass-Star-Dos!" some of BSD’s recent hits such as "Hypnotizin", "You Must Find Strength", "Compute", "Get Hype On This" and "Funkdation".

Malditos Bass-Star-Dos Tacklist

01 - BSD "Overestimate" (Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007
02 - Outlander "Vamp" BSD Remix (CD-R)
03 - BSD - Compute (Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007
04 - System F "Cry" BSD Remix (CD-R)
05 - BSD "Elektr-Life" (You And Me)
(Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007
06 - B-Phreak Ft. Liz Melody "Lost Your Mind"
BSD Remix (Lucky Break) LBR008
07 - BSD "This Is It!" (Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007
08 - Laurent Garnier "Gnanmankoudji" BSD Remix (CD-R)
09 - BSD "Hard-n-Bass" (Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007
10 - Depeche Mode "Peace" BSD Remix (CD-R)
11 - BSD "Give You More" (Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007
12 - BSD Vs Access Denied "Ultimate" (iBreaks) IBREAKS035
13 - BSD "Get Hype On This" (Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007
14 - Rennie Pilgrem Ft. Ruth Minuit "The Rich Rule Us"
BSD Remix (TCR) RENN3115
15 - BSD "Everybody Scream" (Mental Machine Muzik) BSDD007

BSD LIVE @ Breakspoll 2010

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