Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Tune and Free Mix - Karton - Call to Arms

When you see free stuff from Karton you know that it's going to be good. Last time we had a free track from Karton we also featured the video for "All You Need" which is not only an awesome song but the video is pretty kickass as well and it was also DJ Mag's "Single of the Month". Just in case you missed it last time, I have posted the video again today. In preparation for their massive forthcoming album, "For All Seasons", Karton are giving away another free tune and have also provided us with a quality mix for all our listening pleasure. Two years in the making, "For All Seasons" showcases what has only been hinted at in previous Karton releases. Meticulously crafted and assembled, the album allows the duo to further develop and push the boundaries of the Karton sound and the vocal talents of Sharrad, Nick Craven, Jeff Hann and Cris Clucas. Karton have expanded their sonic palate to deliver an album that is as wide in scope as it is ambitious in title. Every track is masterfully crafted and soothing to the ears. With crisp and clean beats and stellar synth work combined with top-notch vocal talent, Karton are putting out some of the freshest stuff out there. Combining Breakbeat, D&B, Electro and Electronica, Karton are taking the best of all worlds and making their own of it. Today's free tuna is no exception. "Call to Arms" starts off with beautiful keys mixed with some crunchy old school style drums. Perfected rhythms and bass blend with liquid funk and the soothing vocals of Cris Clucas. Tracks like this should be played on all types of radio stations, not just EDM as Karton are seriously breaking musical boundaries. We've also got a massive mix from them for you to peep as well. Jam packed with big business and a healthy dose of their own works, you will not be disappointed by this one. Head on over to Beatport or wherever you purchase your music and pick up their full album!

Karton Dj Mix

01. - Breakzhead "Disposis" Aggressiveness & Factor Funk Remix
02. - Afghan Headspin "MSG" Karton Remix
03. - Lupo "Surprise Me" Karton Remix
04. - Elite Force "Law Of Life" Access Denied Remix
05. - Pyramid "Rain"
06. - DaVIP -"Ignition"
07. - Karton "We Bleed" Dub VIP
08. - Karton "All You Need" VIP
09. - Nero "Innocence"
10. - Shock One "Adachigaharas Theme"
11. - We Bang "Smash The Floor"
12. - High Rankin Ft. Pie "Soundboy"
13. - Benga "Stop Watching"
14. - Mars & KillReal "Gorilla Box"
15. - The Qemists Ft. Jenna G "Hurt Less" Riskotheque Remix
16. - Rusko "Hold On" Subfocus Remix
17. - Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip "Sick Tonight" Doctor P Remix
18. - Professor Green Ft. Lilly Allen
"Just Be Good To Green" Camo & Krooked Remix
19. - Netsky "Iron Heart"
20. - Karton "And Then There Were Two"

Karton - Call to Arms by The Kick It Blog
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