Sunday, October 9, 2016

Free Track - Tik&Borrow - Scurry

With relentless energy and heavy grooves, the duo out of the UK Tik&Borrow hit us tonight with a gnarly, Bass House, heads-down mover! At just about five minutes long, "Scurry" will take you and the club on a grinding, sub pounding journey through the land of 4/4 goodness!

A well timed mix-in, leads straight to the banging meat of "Scurry" with ease! As we are thrown into the bass rich action of this powerful tune, there is no turning back!

With only one breakdown, and a mix-out that is long and filled with movement, "Scurry" is a must have for your October database!

Here is a bit more about "Scurry"

"Tik&Borrow are back to 3000 Bass with a brand new banger, this one is entitled 'Scurry' and as usual you can download it for free, exclusively from 3000 Bass."

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

Tik&Borrow on Facebook -

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