Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Free Track - Neon Steve & Basement Freaks - I Think A-Butt U

Delivering the perfect track to get us through the midweek hump today is the combined forces of Neon Steve and Basement Freaks! They get down low with the booty knocking sounds of the Breaks fueled "I Think A-Butt U", forming a club rich floor mover that must be added to your database immediately!

With only one traditional breakdown, and sub knocking rhythms that just don't quit, "I Think A-Butt U" is a non stop Breakbeat rump-shaker that is sure to light up the dance-floor anywhere it's laid down! 

Here is a message from Neon Steve - 

"Got down on a tune with the good homey Basement Freaks the last time he was touring Canada and this was the outcome. We're really stoked to share it with you for tradesies of a repost and follow. If that's too much, just send either of us a msg and we'll happily hook you up :)

Big Love! Xo"

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

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