Thursday, August 11, 2016

Free Tracks - Iva - The Rockport Stomper & Yes Herd

Starting the day off with two fresh off the presses, bass hitting remixes this sunny afternoon is the one like Iva! He delivers a stunning remix of "The Rockport Stomper" by Tom Shortez, and another slamming combo of Cause & Effect's "The Herd" and Plum DJ's "Yes Yes", giving us a double dose of Iva goodness!

Dropping some straight up Garage madness, Iva creates a drum filled, energy rich remix of "The Rockport Stomper" that is chalk full of swung out vibes! At just under six minutes long, this is a winding journey that you need to take!

Tom Shortez "The Rockport Stomper" Iva Re-Groove

Secondly is the bassy Breaks mash that is a must have for those upcoming shows and festivals! Iva unleashes sub pounding frequencies and off kilter samples, forming the banging track known as "Yes Herd"

With three short and flowing breakdowns, "Yes Herd" is an almost non-stop thrill-ride, that is sure to make a fantastic addition to your august collection!

Cause & Affect x Plump DJ's "Yes Herd" Iva Re-Bump

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