Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - Mekanikal

Kicking off a spectacular gathering of tunes today is the powerhouse producer known as Beatz Projekted with a groove filled party rocker titled "Mekanikal"! This Electro beast hits just at the four minute mark, delivering a multitude of fresh sounds for our ears this afternoon!

With a quick and engaging mix-in the one like Beatz Projekted hits us with a short build-up, dropping us right into the gnalry meat of "Mekanikal" almost from square one! As heavy sub pounding frequencies kick in, we are treated to sick, bending leads, crisp and clean drums, and a myriad of textures before heading into one of the short yet sweet breakdowns of this wonderful tune!

Giving us a complete dance-floor rumbler, with a second breakdown, and a long and luxurious mix-out, "Mekanikal"is sure to fit right in to your august collection! 

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

Beatz Projekted on Facebook - facebook.com/beatzprojekted

Beatz Projekted on Twitter - twitter.com/beatzprojekted

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