Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New FREE Release - KIR375 - Sneaker & The Dryer - Btz To The Bassheads

Back again with another unique release for KIR375, is the one and only bassline specialist, Sneaker & The Dryer! He unleashes a storm of electronic 4/4 fury with his new track "Btz To The Bassheads", an epic 6 minute, grinding journey that is complemented perfectly by an alternative funk fueled version! Along with a banging remix from Dwaine Whyte, this is a must have release that will have any club getting down to the massive sounds that lie inside this gnarly package!

Kicking it off with all the style and flavor in the world, Sneaker & The Dryer creates a powerful and building mix-in which features haunting chants, a myriad of percussion and energetic stabs and awesome vocal hits, all surrounded by the thump of a solid kick! As we are dropped into the first short lived breakdown, we are overtaken by powerful layers of saturated synths and leads that ultimately bring us right to the headbanging meat of "Btz To The Bassheads"!

When we reach the second extended breakdown of "Btz To The Bassheads" we are treated to some sweet Breakbeat goodness that smoothly transitions to an Electro enhanced build up, throwing us back into the delicious meat of this beautiful track! Giving DJs a mix-out that goes on for 2 minutes, this is surely a masterpiece that will mix alongside any tune with ease!

With a more laid-back feel, and featuring almost the same structure, only with funky sounds replacing the harder floor driving synths, S&D includes a softer version of "Btz To The Bassheads", creating a down low groover that is perfect for those late-night sets that need a little bit of original, feel good action!

Stepping up to give us a Complextro-esque Electro House remix of "Btz To The Bassheads" is the one like Dwaine Whyte! He goes balls to the wall in this non-stop, peak-time, powerhouse rendition of this fantastic anthem! With two atmospheric breakdowns and heavy drops that go on for days, Dwaine Whyte makes it abundantly clear that he has held nothing back, giving us all some festival vibed madness that keeps us coming back for more!!

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