Thursday, December 10, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte Vs Greg House & Golden Fingers - Rave On

Dwaine Whyte joins forces with Greg House & Golden Fingers to bring us a massive Melborne Bounce banger titled "Rave On"! At over 4 minutes of playtime, and with a myriad of sounds and textures, this is a must grab for this weeks collection!

A short mix-in quickly leads to a fast paced build up, we are then tossed right into peak-time, 4/4 destruction, as we are presented with only the gnarliest of drops these producers bring the fire with heavy bass, crisp drums, and fanciful leads that make "Rave On" such a dope track!

With only one massive Dubstep infused breakdown, and a lengthy mix-out that will have the floor in a frenzy, "Rave On" delivers everything one would want in a dirty sub rumbler!    

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

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