Friday, November 27, 2015

New Release - KIR374 - Dwaine Whyte - Music EP

KIR374 is packed full of gnarly dance flavor that goes down on the floor just as smooth as it does at home or on a long drive! The one like Dwaine Whyte unleashes a four track attack of heavy duty, energetic club crushers with the massive "Music EP"!

Pulling no punches and getting right down to business, Dwaine Whyte hits listeners right away with the Electro epic "Cyber Attack"! A futuristic, Complextro-esque banger that is relentless with it’s driving force of pure destruction!

Up next we are treated to a hands in the air, festival fueled, pure Electro banger that features a wide array of intense sounds and textures! "Rock My Bass" is layered with fantastic vocal stabs and effects that bring things to a whole new level and with over four minutes of playtime, this is a peak-time rocker!

Taking the BPM down a notch but certainly not the power, Dwaine Whyte drops the Glitch Hop goodness with the eerie, Mid Tempo tsunami "Piranha"! An ocean of sound filled with lasers, grinding leads and wonderful arrangement makes this a must add to the collection!

Closing out proper with another Glitch Hop mover, "What The Funk" is a bassline, funk infused, feel-good anthem that combines the crazy fury of its predecessor with the swung out feeling of live instruments, finishing this EP out in the most fitting of ways!

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All Other Sites 12/08/2015

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