Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Release - KIR373 - So Turn EP

Coming at us with relentless ferocity is KIR373, the self-titled EP from So Turn! We are treated to three peak-time bangers, two parts D&B and one part Dubstep in this killer club crushing experience that is guaranteed to soon be hitting a dance-floor near you!

Kicking off the "So Turn EP" is the vocal saturated D&B anthem known as "I Can't Stay"! Haunting and wide chords fade in as heart wrenching vocals quickly take center stage and as the tension builds, we are pushed without haste into straight up Drum & Bass goodness!

With only one fast paced breakdown, "I Can't Stay" sets the bar high, never yielding and always driving speakers to their limits with non-stop sub pounding frequencies!

Next we have the balls-to-the-wall, headbanging D&B thrasher that's fittingly title "My Lovely Saw"! With a rampage of dirty grinding leads, a ferocious onslaught of crunchy drum hits, and insane amounts of energy, there is no room for breathing in this heaviest of heavies epic!

Only one breakdown resides within this monster, if you can even call a complex playing of reverb saturated synths building along vocals and drum rolls a breakdown and it’s complimented with a mix-out that is an eternal death ride, this is only for those that go hard!

Closing things out proper is the off kilter sounds of "Turbo Freak", a raw and powerful Dubstep creation that is complemented perfectly by ethereal vocals that comprise this atmospheric gem!

So Turn pushes the limits of sound in this destructive yet dynamic EP, delivering a fresh look at these dance inducing genres!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 11/24/2015


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