Friday, March 23, 2012

Exclusive Interview & Free Mix - Sharaz

Happy Friday everybody, we have something wicked on tap for you all today, a kickass Exclusive mix and an awesome interview from Breakbeat Legend, Sharaz!

Originally born in Chicago but having moved to Florida to attend college, Sharaz is one of the first artists that influenced me to make the change from the 4/4 world into one that was broken. 

Sharaz has been leaving his mark on the EDM scene for over 15 years now and he has worked with top artists from around the country, not to mention having been nominated for an IDMA Award in 2007. He has performed alongside legends like Richard "Humpty" Vision, Darude, The Crystal Method and Paul Okenfold and has been nominated several times as America's #1 Breakbeat DJ by BPM Magazine.

An experienced drummer with a rock background that is also heavily influenced by funk and Mo Town, Sharaz has recently begun to incorporate multiple genres into his Dj sets and productions including Electro House, Dubstep and Rocktronica.

Recently Sharaz has really been turning up the heat in the production department and I have been playing just about everyone of his latest releases on my radio shows, in my Live sets and using them in my promotional mixes. "It Doesn't Matter Where I'm From" is a personal favorite of mine that I just can't get enough of and his most current release, "Freakout", had a nice ride in the Beatport Top 100 Breaks just a few weeks ago. 

Releasing his originals on his own label NineFourOne Media, Sharaz often has "Free Tune Friday's" where he will post up his newest track on Soundcloud and make it available for download to the first 1,000 lucky people. The downloads often max out within 24-48 hours, so make sure to follow him on Soundcloud so you don't miss out. After the 1,000 download limit is reached, you can purchase the tracks on Beatport or wherever else you get your digital music. The next "Free Tune Friday" from Sharaz is scheduled for April 13th, don't slack!

With over 35 records and 5 CDs released under his own label NineFourOne Media and a slew of bangers about to drop (most of which are in the mix we have below), you can expect big big things from Sharaz in the near future!

Recently signed to Sky Artist Management, if you are wondering what Sharaz is like Live, check out the incredible Exclusive sixty minute mix we have for you from Mr. Sharaz. Consisting of nothing but 100% Sharaz tunas, if this isn't the way to get your weekend started right, I don't know what is. Grab yourself the download, turn your speakers up and keep reading for the Kick It 12 - Sharaz Edition to see what makes him tick, Kick It!

The Kick It 12 - Sharaz Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?

I got into EDM n my mid 20's. Honestly I didn't pay too much attention before that because I've always been a rock-and-roll and Motown guy. Still am for the most part.

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?

My first album album?...hmmm...I think it was Boston's first record. Someone gave me a copy of that for my birthday when I was little and I remember it being used and all scratched up. As for my first CD I cannot even remember! My first EDM CD was DJ Hardware's “Trip Hop Acid Phunk”, though. That was a banger!

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?

Where I live, back in the mid 90's, a local club here would throw an electronic night on Thursdays. I started going because I thought the people were more interesting to hang out with. Got to like and understand the music in the meantime. That's how I guess it started.

4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?

I've had lots of them. I always enjoy playing in Los Angeles, though. I love that place and have a ton of friends out that way. I'd move out there if I wasn't such a pussy.  

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?

Afrika Bambaataa, Bad Boy Bill and Paul Oakenfold.      

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

Believe it or not, I have never been to Las Vegas. Not as a visitor and not as a DJ. Don't know what the place looks like except in photos.

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?

Probably “Holdin' On” because it was kind of a different song for me. That one was nominated for an International Dance Music Award (IDMA) a few years back. I was up against Jamoriquai and Fedde Le Grande. Le Grande won.

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?

In EDM that's a tough one because there are so many. Same outside of EDM. Elvis, The Beatles, The Doors, Marvin Gaye and almost all of the Motown artists were a huge influence on me growing up – and yes that includes early Michael Jackson. My mom was always listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes. I think the 1960s and the 1980s were watershed moments in popular musical history...I did get to experience the 80s as a kid but I only got to experience the 60s through its music. I started playing the drums at 12, banging on pillows with two sticks to Motown music.

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I'd really like to work with some producers outside of EDM. Maybe Dr. Luke. Cee Lo Green and Danger Mouse are two other guys I really admire. I like that whole Motown vibe they have going on. A lot of people will probably say this is cheesy but I'm really interested in how these guys go about the music creation process.

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?

Ableton as of late. I've been through pretty much all of them and I am kind of stuck on Ableton because of the workflow. I have so much hardware I ended up having to put a good portion of it in storage. I have a couple of vintage Roland Jupiters, a few Junos, a TR 909, a few Access Virus synths, some old vocoders...I really don't use any of them anymore, I just collect and will buy stuff when I see it if it's a good deal. Vintage synths have been better investments than real estate for me. One hardware piece I do use are my Roland V-Drums...I will often produce my beats live using those and Native Instruments Kontakt.

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?

Oh wow lots of them. You're only as good as your last song and people will forget about you pretty fast, especially in EDM. The other is never stop learning, especially from the younger peeps, because young minds bring fresh ideas. Stay away from the politics – you really don't need to be involved in peoples' drama, it just drags you down. I just make music for me these days and couldn't care less what anyone thinks. For instance I've been putting drops and huge builds in my songs lately. Someone recently said to me “that's kind of cheesy”, I was like “who the hell told you you had to listen to my music? I like them so go fuck off.” Unless you are being paid by a big label or artist who wants something extremely specific, do your own thing and worry about only yourself is probably the best industry lesson anyone can learn.

12. – What does the future hold for Sharaz?

I have been branching out. Like I said, I've always been a rock-and-roll kind of guy, and lately I've been incorporating some of those elements in my music - guitars, acoustic instruments and such. I'm really bored with stuff in the 130-ish bpm range as well and have been doing some faster tempo music along with some cinematic type work. It's a real challenge. I work with a handful of vocalists and will sometimes sit down and compose a project for them at 100bpm or 150 bpm or whatever seems to suit me at that particular moment. I do not feel like I have to make just breaks anymore...but one time that was my thinking, though. It's a big world out there, so why stay in one village all your life?

   Sharaz - Exclusive Guest Mix for The Shoe Skool Sessions by The Kick It Blog

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Monday, March 19, 2012

New Release - KIR269 - Marcus Gauntlett - MIAMI w/ Farace Remix

Just in time for this year’s WMC festivities Marcus Gauntlett returns to Kick It Recordings for KIR269 with the massive club banger “MIAMI”. Islandy drums instantly give that beach vibe to this proggy House tune with a hard driving bassline that quickly starts the energy building. Cheeky vocal bits and an epic main breakdown complete the package properly.

Florida native Farace has been smashing tunes as of late and has some serious heat on deck for the rest of 2012 including a forthcoming full length album ft. with some guest appearances from a host of up and comers like Kid Colt and Kristen Campbell. 

Back on KIR269, Farace sorts out a huge remix of “MIAMI” which stays true to the original but brings it a bit harder with heavy low ends and just enough side-chaining to keep things bouncy. With support from the likes of Access Denied and Ashley Slater (Dub Pistols, Kitten & The Hip), you know this one is nothing but MIAMI heat!

Support From

Access Denied - "I love the Farace remix!"

Ashley Slater - "This tune is mega!"

Fisso & Spark - "This release rocks! Big tunes! Can't wait to play them out!"

Wavewhore - "Nice release... def liking where Farace took this one!!!"

Llupa - "Original is a big stormer of a tune - great grooves and percussion, really dig this. Farace turns up the stomp up to 11 on the remix - massive track with a damn big break. solidness all round on this - great work!"

Play Moore - "Heavy business!"

TJFX - "Throwing down the Gauntlet with this one!! Really feeling both mixes, may have to b2b them in my next set."

SK-2 - "Marcus Gauntlett is from my neck of the woods so great to see him with a release on Kick It recordings... and what a release!! Farace's remix is absolutely off the chain!! Full support!!"

   KIR269 - Marcus Gauntlett - MIAMI w/ Farace Remix (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Featured Artist - Dj Wicca

We've got a little something different for you guys today. We don't often ask our readers to vote for things, especially non Kick It related but today we're making an exception for DJ Wicca from West Wales.

Having been Djing for over 20 years now, Dj Wicca started out bringing UK clubbers the D&B business but over the years transitioned into fat and funky breaks and currently she is beginning to incorporate some Electro House, Mid-Tempo and 4/4 into her sets.

Dj Wicca has played numerous charity events over the years and she also setup a social enterprise with a good mate of hers which was established to teach younger girls the art of Djing and to quickly increase their confidence and skill set which they were highly successful at doing!

Currently Dj Wicca can be heard every other Tuesday LIVE from Lampeter from 6-8pm UTC (11pm-1am EST) with Dj Lord Muttly bringing you the DNA Radio Show on Brap FM. Mixing it up with a wide variety of styles, the only thing you can be sure to expect is some DNA quirkiness!

Recently Wicca entered herself into the competition to win a slot at this year's 4 day festival known as the  Boomtown Fair. Wicca has made it into the final round of voting and she needs your help! Currently in third place for the "Bassline Stage", if she could get a good boost from our Kick It readers, it might just be what this well deserved veteran needs to put her over the top!

Now I know what you are thinking, "but Btz, we can't vote for someone to play on a stage at a big festival when we don't even know if they are qualified!" Well I agree and I would never ask you to do so, that's why we have a wicc-ed one hour Competition Promo Mix from Dj Wicca for you below.

Recorded a few years back, this is a 100% Live recording, sans editing, straight from her mini-disc it was put to. Pure vinyl and totally funky it features some of Wicca's all time favorite "badass-biatch-breaks" and will keep you grooving from front to back. Check it out for yourselves and then head on over to the Boomtown Fair DJ Comp Page and give her a "Like"! Just scroll down to the "Bassline Stage" once your on the page.

   ****DJ WiccA* - God is a DJ - aka Boomtown Fair 2012 DJ Competition Promo Mix**** by Audio:Hertz

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Monday, March 12, 2012

New Release - KIR268 - Play Moore - Press Play EP w/ Free Track

Shifting into 5th gear, Kick It is firing on all pistons and our latest release brings you five amazing tracks! KIR268 just dropped today on all the digital sites and is coming at you from Play Moore with his “Press Play” EP.

Kicking things off is the so fresh and so clean “Blast Off” which has a super groovy feel to it combining laid back funk with Nu Skool basslines for a sexy number that packs mega dance appeal.

Next up is “Flux & Move” which shows a completely different side of Play Moore bringing in a hard driving bassline, epic synth leads and a few talking stabs to keep the youngins interested.

“Jax Beach Sound” is the third original from the EP and Play Moore finishes things off in proper style with a massive club banger that comes equipped with a heads down bassline and heavily FX’ed vocal snips that will intrigue your ears. 

Lucky enough for all our Kick It fans out there, there were some technical issues with the upload of "Jax Beach Sound" the original mix, so you all are getting it for free!! You can download "J.B.S." from the Soundcloud player at the bottom of this post.

First up on the “Jax Beach Sound” remixes we have Kyle Cross returning to Kick It with a big time Breakbeat audio workout. Retaining just enough flavor from the original, Kyle whips up a no bullshit bassline and edgy synths taking “Jax Beach Sound” to the darker side.

Rounding things out is Kick It Veteran, Vize who turns out a killer remix with heavy kicks, crispy snares and a ton of energy packed into a five minute tune. Big low ends and an extended breakdown will have hands in the air every time, break it down!

Support From

Farace - "Big business from Play Moore! Great EP here!"

Left/Right - "Heavy release here! Bangin!"

Fisso & Spark - "Awesome release once again from Kick It! I like all the tracks on this  EP, 'Blast Off' is pure energy! Will support for sure!"

Kwerk - "Big release! Absolutely loving Play Moore's tunes right now. Big sounds, crisp production. Will be playing ALL 3 mixes of 'Jax Beach Sound' as I simply can't choose one!" 

TJFX - "Play Moore is about to Blast Off! Huge EP! All originals are solid and danceable with killer remixes! Top notch release!"

Mobius - "'Flux & Move' has got a nice fat bassline and will work in my sets, will try ti tout on the show tomorrow." 

Bass Reflections - "Heavy release here! Loving all the mixes. Lots of style and variety... will be supporting this one all the way. Lots of good selections for every set."

   KIR268 - Play Moore - Press Play EP (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Free Track - Dirt Monkey & MSD - Intergalactic - Kyle Cross

Need some more free tuneage to keep your week heading in the right direction, into the weekend, I thought you might. Good thing Kyle Cross released his Re-Vamp of Dirt Monkey & MSD's "Intergalactic" for everyone to download!

Kyle Cross is based in Calgary Alberta and he has been bringing his beats around the Canadian EDM scene for quite some time now. Having started off with the likes of Hard Style and Hard Dance, Kyle has traversed the genre gamut over his career and along the way he has picked up the ability to work a crowd and select the right tracks to get the party rocking while mixing them seamlessly.

Having found his niche in Breaks, Kyle has made that his home picking up influences from the likes of Krafty Kuts, NAPT and Far Too Loud. Developing a serious passion for funky business and heavy basslines, Kyle is continuing his progression as an artist with some wicked releases under his belt including getting into the Beatport Breaks top 20 with his first EP.

With a release due out next week on Kick It Recordings, more slated for Breakz R Boss and Kick It in the coming months and a slew of edits and originals available, you know big things are coming at you from Kyle in the near future.

   Play Moore - Jax Beach Sound (Kyle Cross Remix) Out March 13th! Kick It Recordings by KyleCross

Kyle's latest freebie is a sweet Re-Vamp that he put together for the "Intergalactic" remix competition. Originally a Dubstep tune, Kyle has given it a 140 Breakbeat workout with punchy drums and a super tough bassline. Big leads and the vocoded vox from the original provide a touch of Old School which I know many Breaks heads are going to eat up. Grab it for yourselves and check out Kyle on his pages below.

   Dirt Monkey & MSD – Intergalactic (Kyle Cross ReVamp) **FREE DOWNLOAD** by KyleCross

Kyle Cross on Facebook -

Kyle Cross on Twitter -!/kylecrossmusic

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free Samples - Farace - Spring Kick Sample Pack

Happy Tuesday faithful followers, have we got something delicious for everybody today!! If you're a producer and you are looking for some more wicked samples to add to your database, then today is your lucky day!

Way back in April of 2010 we featured our first sample pack from Farace and we still have it available here on the blog - Farace Drums & FX Sample Pack

Now the F man is back with another massive kit for all our bits & bobs freaks out there.

How massive you say... how about over a quarter gig of killer basslines, kickin drum loops and fresh vocals. Yep that's right, we're talking 236 MBs of the business, straight from Farace.

Need some new lead lines to inspire your next piece, we've got em. Looking for some crispy fills to set your tracks apart, their in there. Have a lack of quality FX, Farace has got you covered there as well.

So what are you waiting for, download it for yourself and get making some bangers. Make sure you head over to Farace's website and Soundcloud pages as well as he's got more free tracks than you are going to know what to do with, Kick It!!

Farace's Website -

Farace on Soundcloud -

Monday, March 5, 2012

Free Track - Dada Life "Happy Violence" Shuval Bootleg Remix

Ah yes, another Monday is upon us. Somehow the weeks manage to keep flying by faster and faster, I swear they feel more like they are four days long now!

It's already been a few days since the last post but we are back with another big freebie for everybody, this time coming at your from Dada Life and Shuval.

Dada Life are one of my favorite artists right now and they keep putting out amazing tune after tune. These guys really have the Electro sound worked out into their own style and you can often tell a Dada Life tune straight away.

Dada Life have been touring the US as of late and their shows have been going off! By the looks of the video I posted below and the tunes they are dropping, I can see why.

Israel based producer Shuval is only in his early twenties but he is already making a name for himself and his bootleg remix of Dada Life's "Happy Violence" is only going to help solidify that. Backed by a hard as f*@k bassline and new drum work, Shuval's version of "Happy Violence" will be melting faces on dance floors near and far!

   Dada Life - Happy Violence (Shuval Bootleg Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Big Alliance Records

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free Track - Emeli Sande - Heaven - Rebel Sketchy Breaks Edit

Got a great little freebie up for grabs today coming at you from Rebel Sketchy. 

Having heard Emeli Sande Live on Jools Holland, Rebel Sketchy was blown away buy her powerful voice. It was just Emeli and her guitar, stripped-bare soul and man was it good!

Emeli is a little more well known now then she was then now that her debut album has been released but if you're not yet familiar with her, here's a proper introduction.

Taking last years big hit from Emeli "Heaven", Rebel Sketchy gives it a Nu Skool Breaks workout that is just perfect. Keeping the focus on Emeli's amazing vox, Rebel Sketchy keeps things simple but groovy as to not over crowd them.

Crispy broken drums and little vocal snips set things in motion and a quick mini sweep brings in the funky bassline that underscores the entire tune. Just a bit of filter and gating make for a brief breakdown coming back in on the super sexy vox. Snag it for yourself for free and check out a whole lot more tunas from Rebel Sketchy on his Soundcloud page.

   Heaven (Rebel Sketchy Breaks Edit) - Emeli Sande by rebelsketchy

Rebel Sketchy's Website -

Rebel Sketchy on Twitter -!/davegammie