Monday, March 5, 2012

Free Track - Dada Life "Happy Violence" Shuval Bootleg Remix

Ah yes, another Monday is upon us. Somehow the weeks manage to keep flying by faster and faster, I swear they feel more like they are four days long now!

It's already been a few days since the last post but we are back with another big freebie for everybody, this time coming at your from Dada Life and Shuval.

Dada Life are one of my favorite artists right now and they keep putting out amazing tune after tune. These guys really have the Electro sound worked out into their own style and you can often tell a Dada Life tune straight away.

Dada Life have been touring the US as of late and their shows have been going off! By the looks of the video I posted below and the tunes they are dropping, I can see why.

Israel based producer Shuval is only in his early twenties but he is already making a name for himself and his bootleg remix of Dada Life's "Happy Violence" is only going to help solidify that. Backed by a hard as f*@k bassline and new drum work, Shuval's version of "Happy Violence" will be melting faces on dance floors near and far!

   Dada Life - Happy Violence (Shuval Bootleg Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Big Alliance Records

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  1. I am digging the beat rangers remix of this