Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Featured Artist - Dj Wicca

We've got a little something different for you guys today. We don't often ask our readers to vote for things, especially non Kick It related but today we're making an exception for DJ Wicca from West Wales.

Having been Djing for over 20 years now, Dj Wicca started out bringing UK clubbers the D&B business but over the years transitioned into fat and funky breaks and currently she is beginning to incorporate some Electro House, Mid-Tempo and 4/4 into her sets.

Dj Wicca has played numerous charity events over the years and she also setup a social enterprise with a good mate of hers which was established to teach younger girls the art of Djing and to quickly increase their confidence and skill set which they were highly successful at doing!

Currently Dj Wicca can be heard every other Tuesday LIVE from Lampeter from 6-8pm UTC (11pm-1am EST) with Dj Lord Muttly bringing you the DNA Radio Show on Brap FM. Mixing it up with a wide variety of styles, the only thing you can be sure to expect is some DNA quirkiness!

Recently Wicca entered herself into the competition to win a slot at this year's 4 day festival known as the  Boomtown Fair. Wicca has made it into the final round of voting and she needs your help! Currently in third place for the "Bassline Stage", if she could get a good boost from our Kick It readers, it might just be what this well deserved veteran needs to put her over the top!

Now I know what you are thinking, "but Btz, we can't vote for someone to play on a stage at a big festival when we don't even know if they are qualified!" Well I agree and I would never ask you to do so, that's why we have a wicc-ed one hour Competition Promo Mix from Dj Wicca for you below.

Recorded a few years back, this is a 100% Live recording, sans editing, straight from her mini-disc it was put to. Pure vinyl and totally funky it features some of Wicca's all time favorite "badass-biatch-breaks" and will keep you grooving from front to back. Check it out for yourselves and then head on over to the Boomtown Fair DJ Comp Page and give her a "Like"! Just scroll down to the "Bassline Stage" once your on the page.

   ****DJ WiccA* - God is a DJ - aka Boomtown Fair 2012 DJ Competition Promo Mix**** by Audio:Hertz

DJ Wicca on Facebook - facebook.com/DjWiccA

DJ Wicca on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/dj-wicca

Vote Here on the Boomtown Facebook Page - http://on.fb.me/BoomDJ


  1. hey there Btz I am back trying again to leave a message....just to say a HUGE THANX again basically! ~ I didn't win the set in the Bassline Circus stage, but I came 2nd with 937 votes at the midnight deadline (though app stayed live soemhow so by Sunday I actually had 1000 votes!) ~ Absolutely chuffed to bits to have done so well AND wait til you hear this....BoomTown Fair e-mailed me with the official news yesterday & said that they were - "so impressed with the standard of my mix, my amazing promotion & the high number of votes I got that they would like me to still come on board do a set in a different venue"!! ~ How Boom-FuNkin-tastic is that!! ~ Hhahahaa I am ecstatic about it so yeh thanks again really....& HUGE thanks again to you too MikeAudio:Hertz for organising this for me...it's all so pro & perfect even more so now....world domination next!? hahaha xx the wiccAd one

  2. yeeeehaaaaa finally it worked....phew that took a while! ;))