Thursday, November 22, 2012

Free Track - Macklemore Ft Wanz - Thrift Shop - Bombs Away & Komes Remix

Today we have a funky and bouncing tune from Bombs Away and Komes with there remix of "Thrift Shop" that begs to be played in the club!

The business kicks off with chopped vocal samples, a big Electro beat, and some phat drum fills! The breakdown hit you right in the funk bone as it moves into a Hip Hop fueled build up that really makes this tune so awesome!!!

Things get heavy with a little Techno vibe as we get into the meat of the track featuring massive kicks and funky saxophone and 8 bit samples. "Thrift Shop" speaks for itself as the vocals repeat "this is fucking awesome", this track will really get you moving!!!

   Thrift Shop (Bombs Away & KOMES Remix) - Macklemore feat Wanz by Bombs Away

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