Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 006

That's right, we have the newest episode of The Farace Show ready to hit your ears with the big time goodness! Farace gives us episode 6 which features tracks from Kill The Noise, Fisso & Spark, Chrizz Luvly, Flatland Funk, Farace, and many more major artists!!!

The Thanksgiving special starts hard and does not stop to pick up passengers, as Farace takes us on a hard hitting journey threw bass and sound!!!

Farace also gives us an excellent teaser of Flatland Funks remix of Farace's new tune "Technosaurus" which is due out Thursday on Kick It Recordings! Dont miss out on this energetic and amazing episode of The Farace Show!!!

The Farace Show Episode 006

01. - Jason Risk & Vlad Rusu "ShockRave"
02. - Kill The Noise, Brillz & Minxx "Saturn"
03. - Minero "Warpath"
04. - Farace "Technosaurus" Flatland Funk Remix
05. - The Aston Shuffle vs Tommy Trash "Sunrise" Tommy Trash Version
06. - Mike Candy "One Night in Ibiza" Chrizz Luvly Remix
07. - Contiez "Trumpsta feat Treyy G" Djuro Remix
08. - Alexander Orue feat Mr Eyez "My Way"
09. - Aggresivnes "My Course"
10. - Zed`s Dead & Omar Lynx "Cowboy" Soulfix & JuDos Remix
11. - Fisso & Spark "City Flow"
12. - Monsta "Holdin' On" Skrillex & Nero Remix
13. - Pegboard Nerds "Self Destruct"

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