Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Free Track - Zedef & Treeko - Duro - Havoc & Lawn Remix

Keeping the ball rolling today is the duo based out of Italy, Havoc & Lawn with a wonderfully banging, House rocking remix of Zedef & Treeko's "Duro"! This short yet sweet peak-time groover is just what you've been looking for if you like your tunes big, and slamming!

Here is a bit more about "Duro" from Havoc & Lawn - 

"Hi guys! 

We are back with a fresh remix only for you!

This is our official remix for our bros Treeko and Zedef but no worries, it's in free download!

We made this tribal/drums version of the trap hit Duro.

The remix has been premiered by Gregor Salto and has already some good supports so, hope you like it!"

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

Havoc & Lawn on Facebook - facebook.com/HAVOCANDLAWN

Havoc & Lawn on Twitter - twitter.com/HavocandLawn

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