Monday, July 18, 2016

Free Track - Chic - Chic Cheer - Bobby C Sound TV Remix

Dropping a funk fueled jam on us today is the one like Bobby C Sound TV! He hits us with a fresh Mid Tempo remix of "Chic Cheer", that is just what you need to start your week off proper!!!

Here is a little more about "Chic Cheer"

"So I made a decent remix of this awhile back, but it just wasn't good enough for me. I always always loved the original version by Chic as it had such grooviness and swagger, but I had always wanted update it and use the Fatman Scoop vox so it could be a different take on one of the best party tracks of all time, "Be Faithful". This was originally gonna be a quick edit, but it kind of took on a life of it's own from there and I decided to put it out for everyone. I hope you dig it!"

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

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