Sunday, April 17, 2016

Free Track - MassMatiks - Gunning for You - Barely Royal & Bunnie Remix

Barely Royal and Bunnie hit us with a stunning remix of "Gunning for You" by MassMatiks today! With heavy elements of Garage and Breaks added to this fantastic track, they deliver just over four minutes of sweet dance action!!!

A fast paced mix-in quickly transitions to the first short yet engaging breakdown of "Gunning for You" with ease! As we are dropped into the bass fueled meat of this club rocking tune, there is no turning back!

With a second breakdown lush with interesting textures and crisp atmospherics, and a mix-out that is well timed, "Gunning for You" is a must have for the end of the week!

Download this track by visiting the Soundcloud page today!!!

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