Thursday, October 23, 2014

Free Track - Danny Darko - Butterfly - MBFB Remix

Today we have an excellent, hands in the air, good vibe bringing epic from the one's like MBFB, with their recent remix of Danny Darko's "Butterfly"!!! This poppy yet dance worthy remix was in the running for a contest but unfortunately didn't win. That's good news for our readers though as it's completely free and ready to be slapped into your database for your immediate listening pleasure!!!

Mixing in with a myriad of sounds and textures, MBFB hits us with rolling background synths, slamming drums, atmospheric vocals, and airy sweeps, all wrapped in a tight 4/4 format as they send us into the first vocal driven breakdown!

As they glide us into fist-pumping, Trance string fueled, meaty goodness, MBFB pushes through to another massive breakdown before heading back to the large sounds that make this a winning remix in our eyes!!! 

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