Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Track - Nico & Vinz- Am I Wrong - Christian Q & Shokstix Remix

This is one of the best ways to kick off the day! Shokstix and Christian Q have just released their remix of Nico and Vinz's "Am I Wrong", and man does this hard hitting Electro action hit the spot! Whether it's the four to the floor flavor, or the epic and spacious breakdowns, this is one tune that you will have to put in your arsenal!!!

Starting off with a slamming triplet infused beat Shokstix and Christian Q quickly filter in a myriad of flowing synths, leads, sweeps, and some fantastically catchy vocal bits as they build up to the meat of "Am I Wrong", sending listeners into grinding madness that will have them dancing for days!!!

With a beautiful vocal fueled breakdown, and a long and luxurious mix out, Shokstix and Christian Q can chalk this track up as a major win!!! To pick this tune up for free head over to the Shokstix Facebook Fanpage, you'll be glad you did!!!   

Download Link - facebook.com/shokstix

Shokstix on Twitter - twitter.com/shokstix

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