Monday, July 28, 2014

New Release - KIR348 - Don MArco - iTune

Dropping some straight up intense and powerful dance floor destruction for KIR348, Don Marco delivers a unique yet heavy Electro House anthem with his new release “iTune”, combining the hard grind of side chained basslines with a dizzying array of triplet timed sounds, giving us a release of epic proportions!

Starting things off with an airy and beautiful mix in, Don Marco hides the gnarliness factor from listeners giving us only a couple of heavy stabs throughout a reverb infused intro, never letting on just how epic the meat within “iTune” is as we dip into the first breakdown!

With Trance synths leading the way, Don Marco throws us into the arena of attacking and pitching sweeps, tossing everything aside to focus on one gigantic builder that sends us into the grinding madness that waits in the meat of “iTune”!

With an upbeat rhythm and intense white noise pushing feet to all extremes, Don Marco’s “iTune” is as heavy as the peaktime category can get, the deep basslines and terrifyingly nasty leads will have everyone in a frenzy as a frighteningly large 4/4 beat drives us into a second breakdown and beyond placing “iTune” in a class of its own!

If that wasn’t enough to send the Richter scale into a frenzy, Shokstix rumbles the very ground with a hollowed out, heads down, Electro House club devastator, going a little deeper and darker than Don Marco’s original. Nothing could complement this release more perfectly then the hardcore sounds that are released in “iTune”!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 08-11-2014

Support From

Flatland Funk - "This is a great release! Original mix is so sick! Supporting."

Cally & Juice - "Great track. I really like parts from both mixes so will probably create an edit for my sets!"

Radio Corsaro - "Good Remix!"

Reality Randy - "Filthy!"

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